I have really grown to love riding endurance races, time trials, cross country races, etc. that benefit a good cause besides myself.  Yes, I began biking for my own exercise, health, and well-being, but over the last years, I have realized that nothing can replace the feeling of riding in hopes of raising awareness or helping grow the cash pot for a good cause.

Today, I have the privilege of riding in the 3rd race of the Fall Time Trial Series where all proceeds are going to assist Bradley Clark and his family while recovering from a serious biking accident.  I have been greatly encouraged by Brad’s family during these last few months.

During the 6 mile ride, I will be keeping Brad fresh on my mind in prayer and thoughts.  And I will cherish the fact that I have the health to pedal each stroke while Brad is improving fast.

Looking forward to pedal again one day with Brad and his boys!