Santa Likes To Bike

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One thing new I learned this Christmas is that Santa likes to bike.  Proof is in the saddle.



MTB Goal #4 for 2013: Find Lacitc Threshold

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In May 2012, I turned into a biking nerd and started running the Wahoo Fitness heart rate, speed/cadence monitors.  In addition, I finally settled with an iPhone biking case to monitor my progress while I raced and trained.

In all honestly, the heart rate readings have been the most helpful in helping me pace out long rides, as well as, to help me not blow up during the first lap of a race when my adrenaline is through the roof.

As I am learning my body better, I realized a unique condition that I have always had but have never been able to decipher.  In sum, I do not experience a lactic acid burn that many people talk about when they exercise.  This is not limited just to biking but lifting weights, running, or whatever other exercise I have been involved.

You are asking, “Then, what happens when you keep going?”  Typically, my muscles just give out or they cramp up.

LTgraphThis probably means a lot of things, but I am reading a lot in the biking world about the debate between training based on your lactic threshold instead of your heart rate.

I am not sure which is best for me personally, but I am really interested in 2013 to make it a goal to discover my lactic threshold.  I am excited to learn that there are some locations locally that can help me meet this goal in 2013.

MTB Goal #3 for 2013: Night Ride

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nightrideI have heard some say that if you have never ridden your mountain bike at night, you have never really mountain biked.  Unfortunately, since starting riding off road three years ago, I have never been on a night ride.

There is no real good reason why I have not, expect that I do not own the gear and have been a little nervous doing it by myself.  Certainly, I am enthralled with the idea of riding at night and although some of our popular trails do not allow official night riding, many night ride the bikes trails at UNC-Wilmington.

I have had several friends offer up lights to borrow and have even had some personal group night ride invitations.  Therefore, my goal for 2013 is to explore the experience the joy of an off-road night ride.

MTB Goal #2 for 2013: More Family Rides

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Family Ride, Buffy, Lacie, MaggieI am thankful to have a family who likes to spend time outdoors.  Although not the entire family likes to mountain bike, there are times when we all ride the trails together.  With that said, two of my children have a strong potential to build their skills over the years and be life-long off-road riders.

FischerMaggie and LacieI was very excited the day that my 5 year old kicked off his training wheels and it was only a few days later when I introduced him to singletrack.  My strategy is to make sure he sees the dirt as typical and hardtop as a-typical.

Thanks to some smart and strategic trail building in the Wilmington area, many of our trails have ride-arounds on most of the advanced skills areas.  These bypasses make trail riding very negotiable with newby or young riders.

My goal for 2013 is to increase the frequency of riding with my family with hopes that we will cater a few family vacations around mountain biking.

MTB Goal #1 for 2013: Meet 500 New MTBers

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They would not call me the Trail Mayor if I it was not for my gift of gab on our local trails. You will rarely catch me riding with ear buds or blaring music from my dashboard iPhone. On the contrary, it’s amazing how many times I start talking to the riders I have crept up behind and realize many minutes later they are locked into their playlist, therefore, never hearing a word I am saying.

BNP Fall Time TrialThere is no doubt that I feed off of the social aspect of mountain biking.  There is nothing like meeting new friends on the dirt or in the parking lot.  There is nothing like giving an impromptu guide to new visitors at our local trails.  And there is nothing like meeting someone else who has a new or old fetish with off-road bike riding.

For me, every new MTB rider I meet translates into a potential relationship opportunity where I can serve them and show them the love of Christ in a real and practical way.

My goal is to meet at least 500 new mountain bikers in 2013.

Happy Birthday John Kemp Starley

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I am fairly new to biking, but I discovered that today is an important day for the bicycling world.  Thanks Singletrack Magazine for posting this today,

“The Bicycle Association of Great Britain is leading the celebrations for today’s birthday of John Kemp Starley, the creator of the 1885 Safety bicycle which is the archetype for most of today’s bicycles. Born on 14th December 1854, JK Starley’s creation led to an 1890s bicycle boom, with the Rover Safety bicycle exported around the world.” –

The entire article is very enlightening and it is amazing the advancement of the modern bicycle over the last 127 years.  Read a more extensive write up here, http://www.roadswerenotbuiltforcars.com/jkstarley/ and maybe put the rubber to the ground this weekend in honor of John Kemp Starley.

It’s Always a Better Day…

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“We love what we do, and its always a better day when we get on a bicycle.”

This is my favorite quote from a great documentary of the recovery of Emanuel Pombo, a World Cup downhill racer from Madeira Island, Portugal.  If you love downhill, great scenery, and comebacks- read the story or watch the video.