I am fairly new to biking, but I discovered that today is an important day for the bicycling world.  Thanks Singletrack Magazine for posting this today,

“The Bicycle Association of Great Britain is leading the celebrations for today’s birthday of John Kemp Starley, the creator of the 1885 Safety bicycle which is the archetype for most of today’s bicycles. Born on 14th December 1854, JK Starley’s creation led to an 1890s bicycle boom, with the Rover Safety bicycle exported around the world.” –

The entire article is very enlightening and it is amazing the advancement of the modern bicycle over the last 127 years.  Read a more extensive write up here, http://www.roadswerenotbuiltforcars.com/jkstarley/ and maybe put the rubber to the ground this weekend in honor of John Kemp Starley.