They would not call me the Trail Mayor if I it was not for my gift of gab on our local trails. You will rarely catch me riding with ear buds or blaring music from my dashboard iPhone. On the contrary, it’s amazing how many times I start talking to the riders I have crept up behind and realize many minutes later they are locked into their playlist, therefore, never hearing a word I am saying.

BNP Fall Time TrialThere is no doubt that I feed off of the social aspect of mountain biking.  There is nothing like meeting new friends on the dirt or in the parking lot.  There is nothing like giving an impromptu guide to new visitors at our local trails.  And there is nothing like meeting someone else who has a new or old fetish with off-road bike riding.

For me, every new MTB rider I meet translates into a potential relationship opportunity where I can serve them and show them the love of Christ in a real and practical way.

My goal is to meet at least 500 new mountain bikers in 2013.