In May 2012, I turned into a biking nerd and started running the Wahoo Fitness heart rate, speed/cadence monitors.  In addition, I finally settled with an iPhone biking case to monitor my progress while I raced and trained.

In all honestly, the heart rate readings have been the most helpful in helping me pace out long rides, as well as, to help me not blow up during the first lap of a race when my adrenaline is through the roof.

As I am learning my body better, I realized a unique condition that I have always had but have never been able to decipher.  In sum, I do not experience a lactic acid burn that many people talk about when they exercise.  This is not limited just to biking but lifting weights, running, or whatever other exercise I have been involved.

You are asking, “Then, what happens when you keep going?”  Typically, my muscles just give out or they cramp up.

LTgraphThis probably means a lot of things, but I am reading a lot in the biking world about the debate between training based on your lactic threshold instead of your heart rate.

I am not sure which is best for me personally, but I am really interested in 2013 to make it a goal to discover my lactic threshold.  I am excited to learn that there are some locations locally that can help me meet this goal in 2013.