“Run for Ray” Underhill Trail Run 2013

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If you were like me in the 80’s, skateboarding consumed your life just as mountain biking seems to be doing in the present.  Eagerly awaiting your Thrasher magazine in the mailbox, there were many times you would see Ray Underhill from Powell-Peralta blasted across the pages doing nasty tricks you could land ONLY in your dreams.


As you may or may not know, Ray settled down in Wilmington, NC in 1998 when he started working for Easter Skateboard Supply.  Unfortunately, Ray passed away in 2008 after a long battle with a brain tumor.

The Run for Ray Trail Run is a fund raiser for the Ray Underhill Foundation, the family and the Chordoma Cancer Foundation.   Ray Underhill was not only a professional skateboarder he was an amazing father, husband and friend to many.  Chordoma took his life prematurely and this benefit run is an event to honor his memory, as well, as to help his wife and two young children. The first annual Run for Ray trail run was held March of 2009.  100% of the proceeds go to the Ray Underhill Foundation, the family and the Chrodoma Foundation.

Mark your race calendar!  The 2013 event will be held Saturday February 23rd at Brunswick Nature Park.  With the addition of new trails there by Cape Fear SORBA, there will be NEW distances this year.  3 mile, 9 mile and 18 mile trail runs.

Since I have been a part of building these off-road biking trails, it is rewarding to see two my vices merge together in an unique set of circumstances.

Oh yes, do not forget that there are times when Tony Hawk enters this race at the last minute and if you are fast enough, you might be able to brag to your children that you outran your childhood skating hero!

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Upgrade Your IMBA Membership

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Since 2009, it has been my joy to be an official member of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) through my local mountain biking club- Cape Fear SORBA.  Of course, I love the free socks, IMBA stickers, and other rewards, but it is very rewarding to realize that you are part of a bigger bike movement that currently stands more than 35,000 strong around the world.  This doesn’t include the thousands of supporting businesses and organizations that share my passion in riding.

IMBAfamilymembershipThis year, I decided to step it up and upgrade my INDIVIDUAL membership to a FAMILY membership.   Although I am the most passionate biker in the family, it makes a statement that we all enjoy God’s creation through biking and outdoor recreation.  My goal one day is to upgrade this membership to an active National Mountain Bike Patrol by training to be a Cape Fear MTB Patrol.  Bike Patrol is much more of a financial commitment but I believe it is a great way to promote responsible mountain biking through IMBA’s philosophy of environmentally sound and socially responsible riding, embodied in the universally recognized IMBA Rules of the Trail.

If you are not an official IMBA members, I encourage you to read this article, “25 Things IMBA Did for You in 2012” and join IMBA/SORBA through your local affiliated bike club.  If there is no local IMBA/SORBA in your area, then, I invite you to select Cape Fear SORBA as a portion of your yearly membership is funneled to our club.

Alternate Entrance for Brunswick Nature Park Trails From January 14-18, 2013

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For those that frequent Brunswick Nature Park, you will soon find out that 133 South is closed for construction only a few hundred feet before the park entrance.

If you are looking for an alternate entrance to the bike trail, you might consider pulling off on the right immediately before the construction and ride your bike along the dirt road that will eventually take you to the Brunswick Nature Park parking lot.  I have marked this location with a purple pin drop.

From what I have been told this road is still park property so you should be fine riding this road in to the trails, but do not hunt me down if you get in trouble for taking this way in to the park!!!

Detour Entrance for BNP

New Bike Trails in Pender County

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I love being on the front end of new trailblazing!  There is something about being able to ride with your family/friends and commentate on the building of each turn of the trail.

I am super ecstatic to announce that January 2013 could prove to be a BIG month in seeing approval for a NEW off-road trail system in my area.

Thanks to the faithful efforts of our Cape Fear SORBA president, Greg Brinson, the Pender County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board has passed a resolution of support of a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between Cape Fear SORBA and Pender County Schools in regards to a new trail system adjacent to Heidi-Trask High School.

CF SORBA Logo [black & yellow] [tp bg] [med] [PNG]I cannot help but think how the proximity of these trails to a high school could stimulate more young people to get out and bike!  Wouldn’t it be great to see an organized high school off road team on these trails!

As it stands today, Cape Fear SORBA is on track to meet with Pender County Commissioners and Education Board on January 7th and 14th.  If everything is approved then CFSORBA could possibly start mapping and building trails before Spring 2013.

Spread the good news and I ask for continued support my bike club, Cape Fear SORBA, continues fulfilling its vision to create, enhance and preserve great trail experiences for mountain bikers in the Cape Fear Region of North Carolina.