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“His foundation is in the holy mountains.” Psalm 87:1


Legacy Church-Plano, Texas Gets Their Biking On

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Being a pastor myself, I was very surprised to see that Gene Wilkes, the pastor of Legacy Church and popular author of Jesus on Leadership, is an avid cyclist.  Gene Wilkes has always been a well-known and respected pastor and it is very exciting seeing how he values sharing the love of Christ to his own local biking community.

I finbikelegacychurchd a lot of similarities with Pastor Gene Wilkes because since 2009 I have seen my local mountain biking community as my #1 mission field.  I ride local trails several times a week, volunteer weekly for my local bike club, attend many club events, network with other bike clubs, introduce new bikers to our local trails, and the list goes on.  I seem to have leveraged these opportunities so much that I am now called- the Trail Mayor.  Honestly, I view myself more as an unofficial chaplain to our local mountain biking club, Cape Fear SORBA, but the point is that like Pastor Gene, I am very intentional to invest weekly into the lives of other bike riders.

Read more about Legacy Church in Plano, Texas and their efforts to serve their biking community.

Pastor Gene had no idea a little interest in cycling could make such a difference. He’d come to envision a biker-friendly church, complete with bike racks at the entrances to encourage members and community to see riding as a real means of transportation — a natural “give back” to the cycling community. The team went to work to make the vision a reality with the help of Jim Hoyt, Mike Tenbusch and Sam Montag at Richardson Bike Mart. The funds were raised and the team recently held an “installation celebration” to install four new bike racks at the entrances of Legacy Church.

Read full article here.

CCORS Race #2 @ Brunswick Nature Park

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IMG_8425 (1024x683)I decided to race Sport for the first time at this past Sunday’s Coastal Carolina Off Road Race Series #2 at Brunswick Nature Park in Wilmington, NC.  Being my home trail, the mileage is very comfortable for me and I wanted to stretch myself.

Also, I figured I would be good “chase bait” for all my riding buddies starting in the classes behind me.  The only way I figure I can honestly say I was ahead of them during this race was to be in a class that starts before them!

Unfortunately, I left my iPhone at the house and wasn’t able to monitor my 18 miles like I do EVERY time I ride, so I was riding blind somewhat. #StravaJunkie #StravaWithdrawals

A few surprises and lessons learned on Sunday…

1) I was pretty amazed that I just about matched my 2nd and 3rd lap (only 1 second off).  I did feel like the 3rd lap was my fastest but I guess it was an illusion.  I did feel like I was in a good groove at the third lap and could have kept going.  Maybe this means I could have pushed it more, not sure.

2) It can really slow down a lap and momentum when you have to spend most of your lap pulling over to the right to let people pass.  I knew this was part of the game starting up but didn’t realized how many people in the classes behind me were actually going to pass me.  Maybe there is still a magic starting place for me.

3) I learned you cannot just change racing divisions in the middle of a race:-)  I realized half way through the race that if I would have raced Single Speed, I would have placed 3rd since there were only 2 riders!!  I yelled out to the officials after my 2nd lap that I haven’t changed gears the entire race and please switch me to single speed, but they didn’t fall for it.  Then, after the race, I realized I should have been convincing them to change me to Expert while I did a 4th lap and then I wouldn’t have ended up at the bottom since 2 expert rider DNFed!  I guess I will have to throw money the next time in between laps…kind of the reverse act you see at Cyclocross races where fans are holding out $$$ for riders at the top of the hills!

All in all, I was pleased I finished 3 laps at somewhat of a race-pace for me and did not cramp up in the legs.  I felt the potential right at the end of the last lap when climbing a final incline but was able to adjust and prevent it.  This is great news as I really don’t want to end another race with locked legs and IV fluid in the local Urgent Care (Thanks Tree Shaker in Charlotte!!)

One of the best memories of the day is my son racing his first kids race!  He was so excited to get a medal and reminded me several times that day it is his first medal EVER for bike racing!  I hope he continues as it will be a special treat for me if he enjoys father and son rides as he grows up!

How to Get a Biking Job- Ride The City

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Wow, did you know there is a free online job posting site that focuses specifically on getting a biking job?  Ride the City has more than 50K pageviews each month and a very simple, user-friendly layout.  In addition, your bike shop can post a job with your latest employment needs.  Keep in mind that the site originates in New York so jobs are more sparse the farther away, nonetheless, this is a valuable biking employment tool.

Bible for Bikers

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“Who established the mountains by His strength, being clothed with power” (Ps. 65:6) #mtbdevo

Loving The Bike Bicycling Tips

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I have really gotten turned on to keeping up with LovingTheBike.com.  It is a great site that puts up very practical and timely biking info.  To get a sample, check out their 5 cycling tip videos they just finished out the week with!

Bible for Bikers

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Your righteousness is like the great mountains. Psalm 36:6 #mtbdevo http://bible.us/114/psa.36.6.nkjv

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