There are a few exceptions, but most of the fastest mountain bikers integrate road biking into their training schedule.  I have never ridden a road bike before and it seems as if every time I start entertaining thoughts on testing out a road bike, I hear about some local or national roadie getting hit by irresponsible automobile drivers.  Even with these tragedies, I cannot get over the notion that 80% of competitive mountain bikers road bike throughout their weekly training.

With this being the case, I was really fascinated with this recent article by on the differences between mountain bike and road riding.  It is nice to see someone go against the grain and provide a fresh perspective that helps me feel confident to keep pedaling on the dirt…for now.

In fact, when you look at them from a metabolic and movement demands standpoint road riding and mountain biking have very little in common. I was reminded of an article I wrote for in which I outlined the 3 main physical differences between road riding and mountain biking and why these difference mean we need a very different approach to training for trail riding.

Read about the 3 main differences here.