Pro MTBiker Rebecca Rusch Featured in March’s Edition of DILTO

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Roldpueblo127_600ebecca’s last name “Rusch” has always jumped out at me because we went against the grain a little and named our son “Fischer” instead of Fisher.

Rusch was featured in the March online edition of DILTO.  They provide a great photo snapshot in the day of the life of the Queen of Pain!  Check it out!


Rebecca Rusch’s personal homepage here.


Waccamaw Trail Blazers Bike Club Make Myrtle Beach Headlines

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WaccamawTrailBlazerLogo (2)I am very honored to be part of the leadership team for the 2013 Coastal Carolina Off Road Series.  It seems as if the upcoming race #4 is making headlines in Myrtle Beach today because of the rarity to have such active mountain bike trails at the beach.  In addition, Race #4 will be held at the Horry County Bike and Run Park (The Hulk) which is actually on land slated to one day become ball-fields.

Big kudos to Waccamaw Trail Blazers for all their hard work to get some publicity!  Check out today’s news release.

There is a parcel of land tucked between S.C. 31, Grissom Parkway and the Intracoastal Waterway called the Horry County Bike and Run Park – which was unveiled last summer as a result of an arrangement with Horry County Parks and Recreation and two local groups, The Myrtle Beach Triathlon Club and the Waccamaw Trail Blazers, and it’s been dubbed The Hulk because of its attributes similar to the experience of riding The Incredible Hulk roller coaster at the Universal Orlando Resort in Florida.

Read the entire news release.

Instructor Certification Program with International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA)

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More dIMG_3966etail are coming out concerning IMBA’s February 2013 news release of their new Instructor Certification Program (ICP).  In January 2013, IMBA purchased the rights to the International Mountain Bike Instructor Certification from Professional Downhiller, Shaums March.

IMBA plans to manage an ICP that offers three levels of certification:

  1. Ride Guide
  2. Basic Skills Instructor
  3. Advanced Skills Instructor

This is exciting news for the biking community, as well as, biking clubs because it can be a platform to advertise a club and recruit new members through high quality mountain bike training.

Here are some other benefits for local mountain biking clubs:

  • Assure the public and your clients that you have a minimum level of core competency that was taught to you by certified professionals
  • Open up the opportunity for ongoing professional development
  • Advance your own abilities with regard to both riding and teaching
  • Learn from experts and professional riders
  • Be able to bring the training back to your chapter or club and provide more benefit to your members

The ICP schedule is starting to build so keep up with their ICP schedule page to discover a training near you!

For more information, check out http://www.imba.com/icp.

SRAM XX1 Give Away

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Don’t ever say the Trail Mayor wasn’t watching out for you!  Enter to win a SRAM XX1 complete group drivetrain!!



(HT: Pricepoint.com)

Mountain Bike Radio Interviews Jeremiah Bishop on Bonelli Win

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A great weekend for Cannondale’s Team Sho-AirAlex Grant and Jeremiah Bishop racked up the top spot on two leader boards in two seperate races.  Here is a just released interview by Mountain Bike Radio with Jeremiah Bishop off the heels of his win at Bonelli Park.

On a tough course and warm conditions, Jeremiah was feeling strong and put the power to the pedals to win the cross country race by over a minute over Raphael Gagne. He was able to hold off attacks by the other top riders, Todd Wells and Sam Schulz, who finished fourth and fifth, respectively. He then came back on Sunday to take second at the short track!

Jeremiah is always a great guest on the show, so listen in as he shares his weekend experience, as well as shares insight into his team and much more!

Podcast the interview and see show links here.

Cyclo-Cross Race- High School Project

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Over the past months, I have had the privilege of supervising a local high school student with his senior project.  His focus is “commuting” and his end-project is a benefit race for our local mountain bike club on Sunday, March 24th.  I am fairly new to the race scene but I have enjoyed passing down the lessons I have learned in helping plan several race/race series.

Robert is planning to put on a cyclo-cross race at Brunswick Nature Park in Leland, NC and although the cross season is officially over, I am excited that he is keeping this sport on the front of everyone’s mind.  Inwardly, I am hoping he can teach me how to ride a cross bike as I have really been itching to learn.

By the way, I found out quickly that Robert breaks the mold when it comes to high school transportation.  After scheduling our first meeting at my office on the other side of town from his school, I was surprised to get a text from him that he had arrived outside my office and looking where to lock up his cross bike.  While most kids his age are begging their parents for a car or keys to their car,  I quickly learned that Robert lives what he preaches as biking is his preferred primary mode of transportation.

I am looking forward to helping Robert succeed in his upcoming senior project.  Come out and support his race on Sunday, March 24th.

cxracebenefit, 3-24-131

True Grit Endurance Race- NUE Season Opener

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**Pictures from True Grit 2013 are posted here**

The 2013 NUE season opener will  kick off this coming weekend in St. George, Utah with the True Grit 100/50/23 miler.  How would you like to sign up for a race that starts with this type of description?

Our tag line is not a joke, this is a tough race. It is a mountain bikers race. The first 20 miles are over rocky and steep terrain that requires excellent bike handling skills and upper body strength. We are not telling you this to scare you. We have first time racers that do really well on this course, you will just want to train properly and if you are spending the winter on a trainer ad some upper body strength training to feel your best at this early season race.

Two aspects about True Grit really jump out to me.

1) Race supporters such as friends, family, and coaches have to keep their distance from the race course.  At first, I thought this was strange until I read more about the sensitive terrain they are racing on.

St George Utah is on the edge of 3 eco-tones and therefore is home to many rare plants and animals that may not be found in other parts of the world. The race course travels through habitat for the bear-claw poppy , desert tortoise, and lands with cryptobiotic soils.

Other important precautions are the No-Passing Zone on the poppy trail and the closed course with directional travel.

2) Live tracking of racers will be provided during the event.

This year we are going to try tracking racers live during the event. The tracking will be broadcast live at the finish line, can be viewed on any mobile phone or computer and will enable our course marshals to track where racers and assure they are staying on course.

It is hard to imagine how technologically we have gotten with racing while in the same time needing to be sensitive to the environment we are treading.

Keep up with True Grit results on their Facebook page.

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