Congrats to Sonya Looney for being the first female ever to finish the grueling Yak Attack in 2012, a 10-day stage race on Mt Everest (the highest mountain bike race in the world!), and doing it again this year!!!

By finishing the race I became the first woman to complete the full route on a mountain bike. But it wasn’t easy. There were challenges and setbacks. At first, I felt out of my element, bewildered like a deer caught in headlights, and struggled up many of the three-hour-long hike-a-bike sections, including one over Thorong La Pass, which reaches 17, 769 feet high. There were mechanicals, too. After one crippling malfunction, I had to walk 10 miles to the finish down a path that would have been a ripping 9,000-vertical-foot descent had I been able to ride. And the elevation slowly starts to kill you—there’s a reason few people live at these heights.

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I am eagerly keeping an ear out to hear how things are going for this year’s race!

(HT: The Far Ride)