**Pictures from True Grit 2013 are posted here**

The 2013 NUE season opener will  kick off this coming weekend in St. George, Utah with the True Grit 100/50/23 miler.  How would you like to sign up for a race that starts with this type of description?

Our tag line is not a joke, this is a tough race. It is a mountain bikers race. The first 20 miles are over rocky and steep terrain that requires excellent bike handling skills and upper body strength. We are not telling you this to scare you. We have first time racers that do really well on this course, you will just want to train properly and if you are spending the winter on a trainer ad some upper body strength training to feel your best at this early season race.

Two aspects about True Grit really jump out to me.

1) Race supporters such as friends, family, and coaches have to keep their distance from the race course.  At first, I thought this was strange until I read more about the sensitive terrain they are racing on.

St George Utah is on the edge of 3 eco-tones and therefore is home to many rare plants and animals that may not be found in other parts of the world. The race course travels through habitat for the bear-claw poppy , desert tortoise, and lands with cryptobiotic soils.

Other important precautions are the No-Passing Zone on the poppy trail and the closed course with directional travel.

2) Live tracking of racers will be provided during the event.

This year we are going to try tracking racers live during the event. The tracking will be broadcast live at the finish line, can be viewed on any mobile phone or computer and will enable our course marshals to track where racers and assure they are staying on course.

It is hard to imagine how technologically we have gotten with racing while in the same time needing to be sensitive to the environment we are treading.

Keep up with True Grit results on their Facebook page.