Over the past months, I have had the privilege of supervising a local high school student with his senior project.  His focus is “commuting” and his end-project is a benefit race for our local mountain bike club on Sunday, March 24th.  I am fairly new to the race scene but I have enjoyed passing down the lessons I have learned in helping plan several race/race series.

Robert is planning to put on a cyclo-cross race at Brunswick Nature Park in Leland, NC and although the cross season is officially over, I am excited that he is keeping this sport on the front of everyone’s mind.  Inwardly, I am hoping he can teach me how to ride a cross bike as I have really been itching to learn.

By the way, I found out quickly that Robert breaks the mold when it comes to high school transportation.  After scheduling our first meeting at my office on the other side of town from his school, I was surprised to get a text from him that he had arrived outside my office and looking where to lock up his cross bike.  While most kids his age are begging their parents for a car or keys to their car,  I quickly learned that Robert lives what he preaches as biking is his preferred primary mode of transportation.

I am looking forward to helping Robert succeed in his upcoming senior project.  Come out and support his race on Sunday, March 24th.

cxracebenefit, 3-24-131