Win a FREE Scott Spark 910 29er ($4850 value)

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Don’t say that the Trail Mayor isn’t watching out for its followers.  Even if you didn’t ride in the Whiskey 50 this past weekend, you can enter to win a free Scott Spark 910 29er with a $4850 value! You have until FRIDAY, MAY 3RD!


Click here to go to link.  If you win, you owe me a lap at the bike park the next time I see you!


Turn F.A.T.S On My 40th Birthday

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I just found out that my wife has arranged for several biking buds to kidnap me this coming Saturday for a surprise road trip to F.A.T.S.!  I am super excited and have never ridden these legendary trails.  I am praying that the weather holds out and that F.A.T.S. will remain open.

This just proves that real men marry women who let their husbands bike!

Visit SORBA-Central Savannah River Association to learn more about the Fork Area Trail System.


Miguel Martinez Wins @ Sea Otter Classic 2013

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Watch the finish line crossing and the post race video interview with Sea Otter Classic 2013’s winner Miguel Martinez.


Local para-cyclist among this weekends competitors

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A very inspirational story!

Sykose Extreme Sports News

Lance Footer is legally blind, which makes everything on the highway a hazard.

“I’ve hit every pothole and dead animal from here to North Carolina,” said Footer, who despite his disability is on the road to elite status as a competitive cyclist.

Considering his penchant for plowing through roadkill, it’s probably a good thing he’s lost his sense of smell, too.

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Singletrack High Mountain Bike Movie

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I am really looking forward to getting this DVD when it is soon released by Pedal Born Pictures.  Read more details here.

Get Wheel Is Kicking Off in Wilmington, NC


Brandon LannieI am excited to announce that Brandon Lannie and his family have relocated from Richmond, VA, to establish Get Wheel in Wilmington, NC.  Get Wheel is a non-profit that seeks to transform lives and redefine community service, one bicycle at a time.  He does this by providing free biking repair clinics for at-risk kids in low income community projects.

Brandon believes that bicycles open doors to build relationships with kids and families that need extra support. By offering free bike repair to at-risk youth, they get a chance to spend time with each child and plant a seed of hope that they remember forever.

Brandon has run this successful outreach for several year in Virginia, but has now decided to hit the road in training organizations, clubs, community groups, churches, etc. how to provide effective bike clinics.  In just over two months, he has already had a bike clinic in Vista Village and kicked off a weekly bike ride on Thursday nights.getwheel

I had the privilege of spending much of the day with Brandon  and hear his story and heart for using bikes as a platform for life change.  It was fun introducing him to the biking community in Wilmington and hearing him share his story over and over.

Brandon is a man after my own heart as the whole reason I mountain bike is to connect and build relationships in hopes of having the privilege of sharing the life-saving message of Christ.

I encourage you to find Get Wheel on Facebook and keep up with the exciting ways they are planning to impact families in Wilmington.

Not Knowing The Saddle Difference

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Like any good BFF, I have encouraged my best friend (who lives out of town) to consider trying off-road riding to help reduce stress in his high risk occupation (pastor like me!).

Not knowing if he would ride consistently, he was able to find a used entry-level Trek hardtail for $50 at a garage sale.  Every time we chatted, he commented he really enjoys riding but has been having saddle issues that discourages him from riding weekly.

Upon visiting him this week in Florida, I quickly spotted his problem.  I am not much of a mechanic but I knew that there was certainly something wrong when looking at his seat!  I am not sure if his bike was dropped upside down or if the previous owner was a big jumper, but the seat was bent more than you can imagine.  I even had to resort to prying out the seat clamp bolt when dismantling.

saddle oldsaddle compare 1

saddle compare 2new saddle

I am thankful for great local bike shops as I was able to find a new take-off saddle at Ryder Bikes in Bradenton, FL.  Everyone at the shop was great to work with and it was neat learning a little more about the bike scene in the area.

I guess I am most amazed that being a biking-newbie that my friend never really knew what he was missing when it comes to saddle fit.  I am considering NOT telling him of my fix and see if he makes a comment after our next ride at Alafia River State Park Trails.

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