Like any good BFF, I have encouraged my best friend (who lives out of town) to consider trying off-road riding to help reduce stress in his high risk occupation (pastor like me!).

Not knowing if he would ride consistently, he was able to find a used entry-level Trek hardtail for $50 at a garage sale.  Every time we chatted, he commented he really enjoys riding but has been having saddle issues that discourages him from riding weekly.

Upon visiting him this week in Florida, I quickly spotted his problem.  I am not much of a mechanic but I knew that there was certainly something wrong when looking at his seat!  I am not sure if his bike was dropped upside down or if the previous owner was a big jumper, but the seat was bent more than you can imagine.  I even had to resort to prying out the seat clamp bolt when dismantling.

saddle oldsaddle compare 1

saddle compare 2new saddle

I am thankful for great local bike shops as I was able to find a new take-off saddle at Ryder Bikes in Bradenton, FL.  Everyone at the shop was great to work with and it was neat learning a little more about the bike scene in the area.

I guess I am most amazed that being a biking-newbie that my friend never really knew what he was missing when it comes to saddle fit.  I am considering NOT telling him of my fix and see if he makes a comment after our next ride at Alafia River State Park Trails.