Brandon LannieI am excited to announce that Brandon Lannie and his family have relocated from Richmond, VA, to establish Get Wheel in Wilmington, NC.  Get Wheel is a non-profit that seeks to transform lives and redefine community service, one bicycle at a time.  He does this by providing free biking repair clinics for at-risk kids in low income community projects.

Brandon believes that bicycles open doors to build relationships with kids and families that need extra support. By offering free bike repair to at-risk youth, they get a chance to spend time with each child and plant a seed of hope that they remember forever.

Brandon has run this successful outreach for several year in Virginia, but has now decided to hit the road in training organizations, clubs, community groups, churches, etc. how to provide effective bike clinics.  In just over two months, he has already had a bike clinic in Vista Village and kicked off a weekly bike ride on Thursday nights.getwheel

I had the privilege of spending much of the day with Brandon  and hear his story and heart for using bikes as a platform for life change.  It was fun introducing him to the biking community in Wilmington and hearing him share his story over and over.

Brandon is a man after my own heart as the whole reason I mountain bike is to connect and build relationships in hopes of having the privilege of sharing the life-saving message of Christ.

I encourage you to find Get Wheel on Facebook and keep up with the exciting ways they are planning to impact families in Wilmington.