In Performance Bike‘s most recent newsletter, they referenced the beginnings of CamelBak.  I was intrigued, so I followed up and sure enough the beginnings of the hydration pack for CamelBak started with an IV bag and a 1980’s sock.

Bicycle enthusiast, Michael Eidson, is competing in the “Hotter’N Hell 100.” And that’s exactly what it is: a 100-mile road race in the grueling summer heat of Wichita Falls, Texas. Water is vital to surviving the race, and there are few places to refill a water bottle. Eidson, an emergency medical technician by trade, decides to fill an IV bag with water and slip it into a white tube sock. Yes, a tube sock. Then he stuffs the contraption into the back of his bike jersey, throws the thin hose over his shoulder and clamps it with a clothespin.

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