A friend of mine, Rod Cartier, is founder of Tombo Tours, which offers a great service for the mountain biker looking to shorten their bucket list.  Rod is probably one of the nicest guys I have ever met and he loves to serve others through biking tours and field trips.  My local bike club, Cape Fear SORBA, has partnered with him on many trips and no one has ever finished a trip with negative feedback!

Here is a snippet from his site to give you a taste of his offering:

Over time we realized that the solution was a single, purpose-built vehicle, capable of carrying ten riders (5 couples), a crew of two (guide, cook, driver, mechanic), fourteen bikes (gotta have spares), and enough gear to be self-sufficient wherever we planned to ride. And so we set about to acquire and outfit a 12 passenger Mercedes Benz Sprinter and a 14 foot tandem trailer. The resulting vehicle has been flexible, comfortable and relatively economical. Riders enjoy camaraderie along the way with hot coffee in the morning, cold beer in the evenings and arrive relaxed and rested.

Tombo Tours has several bike trips planned that you might be interested in so I encourage you to visit his website and consider joining him in “Riding the carpe out of the diem” as Rod would put it!