“Why should I be part of a Time Trial Series?”

Being fairly new mountain biking myself, I asked this exact question to myself when I first heard about a previous Time Trial Series. In all honesty, I was quite embarrassed that I had to ask other riders exactly what a Time Trial was! The truth of the matter was that I had NO IDEA the fun or benefit of a Time Trial. As I started riding in my first TT series, I quickly realized several aspects of a Time Trial that aided someone in becoming a better rider.

IMG_0266One, in all reality, as you participate in an ongoing back-to-back series, you are racing more against yourself each week than other riders. As you become more familiar with the trail each week, you will see an improvement in your time over each race.

Two, since there is are staggered starts with each rider, you have a constant awareness that someone is in front of you and someone is behind you. The rider in front gives you a mental feel of chasing someone down and the rider in the rear keeps your legs churning as you feel someone breathing down your neck.

Three, there is almost a guarantee that you will see your time improve over these back-to-back series. This builds your confidence no matter how long it takes you to cross the finish line in week one.

So, if you are on the fence about whether to ride in your local Time Trial Race Series, step out and give it a crank!