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Cycling Dirt is one of the best sites to find updated videos with all your favorite MTB elite riders after they finish hammering it out at your favorite bike race.  Cycling Dirt provides video clips at the perfect length and always seem to catch the perfect emotion of the rider after they win, loose, fall, or whatever.  Big kudos to the team at Cycling Dirt.  Here is an interview with a GREAT U23 rider Howard Grotts who lost the gold this weekend at the very rock garden at MTB Nats.  Nontheless, Howard still showing smiles!  Heal up soon Grotts!


Watch more video of 2013 Cross Country National Championships on cyclingdirt.org


Jeremiah Bishop and MTB USA Nationals

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bishopNatsI am glad to see Jeremiah Bishop of Team Cannondale so excited to be racing at Bear Creek Resort for the USA National Championship!  After a tough race weekend at the Subaru ProXCT, it is great to see his fans welcome back to the area their MTB hero.  It would be easy for Bishop to lament last week’s hiccup and focus on his biking missteps that cost him the ProXTC lead, but he is a true professional and is focused on what is ahead for him.  Here is a great quick summary of him arriving at Nats.

20 years ago I started racing as a kid and would often drive here from Maryland to do some of the big races in PA. My home crew is here in force and I think no less than a dozen riders have made the trip here from my hometown of Harrisonburg! So if you’re not sure where my cheering section is you might need your hearing checked out. 😉 Just look for the rowdy crowd, and the “go daddy go signs” and Conrad plans to make a Friday expedition to the Crayola museum.

Read full article here.

Congrats Greensboro Fat Tire Society for Reaching 1K Fans

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Greensboro Fat Tire Society is a top notch mountain bike club as they service some of the most awesome trails in North Carolina.  GFTS is very active and always balanced in their approach to serving the biking community.  This week they reached 1,000 “likes” on their Facebook page which is a great accomplishment in spreading the word about their vision to “Develop-Ride-Enjoy-Maintain.”  Congrats GFTS, you deserve the attention!  GFTS on Twitter.Greensboro Fat Tire Society

Support Tracy Smith After Biking Accident

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*Updated, For those of you who would like to send injured racer Tracy Smith a card or letter they can be sent to Shepard Center, 2020 Peachtree Road NW, Atlanta, Ga 30309-1465, Attention: Tracy Smith room # 513*

Stories like Tracy Smith‘s validates the closeness of the mountain-biking community.

On Sunday, June 30, 2013, Tracy’s life and his family’s life were changed forever. On a mountain biking trip in Helen, Georgia with his 12 year old son, Evan, Tracy’s peddle hit a rock and he was sent tumbling to the ground head first and broke his neck. Tracy was airlifted to Grady Hospital’s Trauma Center. The following day he underwent surgery to fuse his vertebrae. He is now paralyzed from the chest down with use of his arms and limited use of his hands. (read full article here)

traceysmithsupportHere is a mountain biker from Florida who was riding Georgia trails when crashing and 11 days later word is spreading in the mountain bike community how I, in North Carolina, can give to support Tracy’s mounting medical costs.

Wow, big Kudos to Chain Buster Productions for stepping up and helping with giving away a portion of their sales to Tracy!

It wasn’t too long ago that we had a good friend, Brad Clark, of our club who was injured in a biking accident and our off road biking community surrounded him with much love, prayers, and support.  It was awesome to be part of the team that organized a Time Trial Series to support the Clark family in their hospital bills.

It is great to be addicted to a sport that rallies around other riders that most likely will never cross tire tracks!

Please know Tracy and family, the Trail Mayor will be praying for you all.

October is for Endurance Racing!

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IMG_3780From the looks of recent mountain bike cyber chatter, October is going to be an awesome month of endurance racing options!  If you are looking for a reason to get out in the heat and start your training now, you should have no lack of motivation when you see all the great races available in just 3 months.  Here are just a few that I have on my radar that I would like to share:

I am sure there are many more, but this will at least get your endurance juices flowing!!!!!

Under The Dome & Biking

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I am the proud papa of two daughters who were background mountain bike riders on the opening of Under the Dome last night! Pretty cool, I must say!!