bishopNatsI am glad to see Jeremiah Bishop of Team Cannondale so excited to be racing at Bear Creek Resort for the USA National Championship!  After a tough race weekend at the Subaru ProXCT, it is great to see his fans welcome back to the area their MTB hero.  It would be easy for Bishop to lament last week’s hiccup and focus on his biking missteps that cost him the ProXTC lead, but he is a true professional and is focused on what is ahead for him.  Here is a great quick summary of him arriving at Nats.

20 years ago I started racing as a kid and would often drive here from Maryland to do some of the big races in PA. My home crew is here in force and I think no less than a dozen riders have made the trip here from my hometown of Harrisonburg! So if you’re not sure where my cheering section is you might need your hearing checked out. 😉 Just look for the rowdy crowd, and the “go daddy go signs” and Conrad plans to make a Friday expedition to the Crayola museum.

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