Coast Carolina Off Road Series 2014

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Thanks to the hard work of Cape Fear SORBA’s Jeremy Cavenaugh and Barry Wray, we have launched our website dedicated solely to the Coastal Carolina Off Road Series. Visit the site now and pass on the link to all your biking friends!



Coastal Carolina Off Road Series Race #6-Brunswick Nature Park

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It has been a joy to be part of the planning team for the Coastal Carolina Off Road Series 2013.  This 6-race series concludes this coming Sunday, May 5th at the Brunswick Nature Park in Leland, NC.

The Coastal Carolina Off Road Series (CCORS) is a volunteer run series where all money raised is used to enhance and maintain the mountain bike trails used by the participating clubs. The clubs involved are ECVelo of Greenville, CFSorba of Wilmington, DEC of Jacksonville,and the Waccamaw Trail Builders of Myrtle Beach. The goals of the series are to make quality mountain bike racing available to riders in Eastern North/South Carolina and to raise money to improve trail systems in our region.

CF SORBA Logo [black & yellow] [tp bg] [med] [PNG]WaccamawTrailBlazerLogo (2)DEC_New 2009_logo_web__banner

This year’s series has experienced record race numbers at ALL races (148 max races at Race #2).  Team competition is tight and the last race this Sunday should be a blast.  I am pulling for Cape Fear SORBA to pull out a 3rd consecutive year of victory. (race results here)

Kid’s races are free and start at 1 pm.  We will be offering free food for all the racers at this race and have sponsors providing free raffles for racers and non-racers totaling $300 worth of gift cards to a local bike shop.

Personally, I will be riding Sport 40+ at the final race which will be 18 miles.  I came in last at Sport several weeks ago, but since I had a birthday this week, I need to move up.  I will see if I can move up the ranks on Sunday, as I have been training hard the last two week.

Waccamaw Trail Blazers Bike Club Make Myrtle Beach Headlines

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WaccamawTrailBlazerLogo (2)I am very honored to be part of the leadership team for the 2013 Coastal Carolina Off Road Series.  It seems as if the upcoming race #4 is making headlines in Myrtle Beach today because of the rarity to have such active mountain bike trails at the beach.  In addition, Race #4 will be held at the Horry County Bike and Run Park (The Hulk) which is actually on land slated to one day become ball-fields.

Big kudos to Waccamaw Trail Blazers for all their hard work to get some publicity!  Check out today’s news release.

There is a parcel of land tucked between S.C. 31, Grissom Parkway and the Intracoastal Waterway called the Horry County Bike and Run Park – which was unveiled last summer as a result of an arrangement with Horry County Parks and Recreation and two local groups, The Myrtle Beach Triathlon Club and the Waccamaw Trail Blazers, and it’s been dubbed The Hulk because of its attributes similar to the experience of riding The Incredible Hulk roller coaster at the Universal Orlando Resort in Florida.

Read the entire news release.

Coastal Carolina Off Road Series 2013 Race #1 at Bicycle Post Trail- Greenville, NC

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IMG_8066 (1024x452)

I had a great time riding/racing in the Coastal Carolina Off Road Series (CCORS) Race #1 @ Bicycle Post Trails in Greenville, NC.  Allow me to share some thoughts from the first race in this 6-race series.

1) GREAT volunteers and organization by ECVelo Bike Club!  For having a RECORD number of racers, things went off with very little speed bumps!  I have really enjoyed working with Ryan Danell of ECVelo in making sure this year’s race series is the best yet!

2) Bicycle Post Trail is a very TECHNICAL  and challenging course.  The course route was backwards (CCW), but is littered with lots of rooty switchbacks, back to back gully rides, and steep inclines.  There were fun bridges, fast drops, and fresh cut trail.IMG_8065 (1024x683)

3) Lots of PRIZES were earned for fast riding. Almost $1,000 worth of cash and awards were handed out to the winners.

How Did The Trail Mayor Perform?

Well, this could certainly be classified as more of a ride than a race when looking at my performance.  Being my first time ever on this trail, I wanted to be very cautious as I arrived to the course only 20 minute before start.

My first lap was 38:13 and that includes a couple of tangles since I was in NO rush to take the lead onto a trail I have never pre-ridden!  I was pretty confident that I was going to do much better in the second lap, but a steep gully incline got the best of me as I lost my balance at the crest…studder-stepped all the way back down the hill with one foot still clipped in…then threw a chain which required flipping the bike and pulling out the tools.

IMG_7910 (1024x683)The greatest joy in riding a 42:22 second lap was seeing many of my good riding buddies riding much faster than myself and especially having a good friend of mine, Ben Brown, pass me towards the end of the lap while he was clearing rocking 1st place in Expert.

Ultimately, I finished 10th out of 16 in the Beginner + category.

Ride Your First Mountain Bike Race

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After only a little over a year of riding a mountain bike, I was itching to ride in my local race series.  I was very nervous as I had not competed in any sport since I was a kid.

I was very excited to see that my local mtb race had added a new category for racers called “First Timers.”  This division offered no prizes, but instead you still got the podium pounce, as well as, a mandatory upgrade to Beginners Class for first place winners.  I was excited to podium in both local races in the First Timers class and it was a gateway drug for me to move on to Beginners + the next year.

I am very thankful for mountain bike race series like the Coastal Carolina Off Road Series because they are sensitive to my fear and trepidation in trying out competitive riding.

ccorsAs my third CCORS race season approaches, here are several reasons why I enjoy racing.

1) My family gets to come and cheer for me.  They get see that I am not just a couch potato watching Chopped, Duck Dynasty, and X-Factor all day.

2) In a race series that appeals to over 500 racers, I get to meet a lot of people that have a passion for the dirt and just love to spin with other riders.

3) Upcoming races give my mind and heart something to focus on, set goals, and succeed or fail.  As I turn 40 this year, I am aware that racing mountain bikes might be a short lived experience for me, so if I can succeed in the few short years I have, it should prove to be a highlight for sure.

4) Racing or volunteering at races, shows my support for my local bike club and race sponsors.  I am honored to be part of a VERY active IMBA related bike club called Cape Fear SORBA, who has been given the lead role in organizing the race series.  My participation in any way, is one way I show my investment in my club which in turn is an investment in the trails.

If you have been hesitant to step out and sign up for your first race, I suggest you take the crank of faith and find a local race to participate.

Keep me posted if you do!

2013 Coastal Carolina Off Road Series