Being a pastor myself, I was very surprised to see that Gene Wilkes, the pastor of Legacy Church and popular author of Jesus on Leadership, is an avid cyclist.  Gene Wilkes has always been a well-known and respected pastor and it is very exciting seeing how he values sharing the love of Christ to his own local biking community.

I finbikelegacychurchd a lot of similarities with Pastor Gene Wilkes because since 2009 I have seen my local mountain biking community as my #1 mission field.  I ride local trails several times a week, volunteer weekly for my local bike club, attend many club events, network with other bike clubs, introduce new bikers to our local trails, and the list goes on.  I seem to have leveraged these opportunities so much that I am now called- the Trail Mayor.  Honestly, I view myself more as an unofficial chaplain to our local mountain biking club, Cape Fear SORBA, but the point is that like Pastor Gene, I am very intentional to invest weekly into the lives of other bike riders.

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Pastor Gene had no idea a little interest in cycling could make such a difference. He’d come to envision a biker-friendly church, complete with bike racks at the entrances to encourage members and community to see riding as a real means of transportation — a natural “give back” to the cycling community. The team went to work to make the vision a reality with the help of Jim Hoyt, Mike Tenbusch and Sam Montag at Richardson Bike Mart. The funds were raised and the team recently held an “installation celebration” to install four new bike racks at the entrances of Legacy Church.

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