How Body Weight Affects Your Biking Power

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Great article explaining how your body weight can affect your power output for biking.

If you’ve been cycling for a while, you likely know that the goal for almost all competitive cyclists is to be as light and strong as possible. This not only includes the strength and weight of your body, it also includes the strength and weight of your bike. After all, cycling weight comes down to simple physics – the more or less you weigh, the more or less energy it will take to pedal your bike. But what cycling weight is best for peak performance and how is it best achieved? This two-part series will answer these questions.

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Seeking Professional Bike Help

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It does not take a newbie mountain bike rider long to realize the value and importance of having a good connection with professional bike mechanics and coaches.  Since most bikers are always looking to improve their bike riding skills and fitness, it is a huge benefit to have a good relationship with a potential biking coach and consultant.

If you live in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area, I want to recommend an experienced coach and mechanic who has been a helpful consultant for me in many areas of biking.

Todd Hunter is a USA Cycling certified coach with over 25 years of racing experience in mountain bike and cyclocross. Todd started racing BMX in North Carolina at age 11 and quickly established himself as a fast rider, winning many regional and national events across the US. He is also a former NC Cyclocross State Champion and places consistently in the top 5 in the Southern Classic XC MTB Series, Cat 1. As of the last few months, you will see his consistent top placements in the North Carolina Cyclo-Cross Series.

You can read more about Todd and reach him from his Wenzel Coaching page.