Leadership Lessons from Biking

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I wish it was not so rare, but there seems to be very few pastors that cycle.  This being the case, I find much affinity with other pastors who love to bike.

Almost 10 years ago, I met a Canadian pastor, Carey Nieuwhof, at a conference called Orange.  I really gleaned a lot of wisdom from his pastor’s roundtable group and have been following his church leadership blog ever since.  Much to my amazement, as I started taking up mountain biking, I noticed that he started throwing in comments about his love for biking.  It turns out that Carey is more of a roadie now, but I always perk up when he intertwines biking with his pastoral calling.

Here is an EXCELLENT article he posted today entitled, “12 Unpredictable Leadership Lessons I Learned From Cycling.”



Proud of Phil and Kelly Hatcher Racing Leadville 100

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I am so proud of our Cape Fear SORBA club members, Phil and Kelly Hatcher, for working hard to qualify for this year’s Leadville 100 (LT100).  Phil and Kelly are very active members and I have been honored to be passed by them during many rides, Time Trials, and XC races.

Phil qualified for LT100 at this year’s  Austin Rattler 100 while Kelly missed qualification by one place.  Nonetheless, not taking rejection for a second time, Kelly trained even harder to clinch a LT100 spot (along with Phil’s extra 2014 spot) at the Wilmington Whiteface 100 several months later in New York.

The Hatcher’s are the first ever representatives for Wilmington, NC at the Leadville 100.  They are visible fruit of the growing mountain biking community here in Coastal North Carolina.  These kind of accomplishments make all the hard work of Cape Fear SORBA worthwhile.

The Star News has recognized the Hatcher’s massive achievement in the athletic world and printed a great story of their Leadville 100 adventure.

I am proud to announce that Phil and Kelly had the time of their life traveling across the States to race this past weekend.  Although Kelly did not make the 60 mile cut-off, she claims it was the most fun she has had on a bike.  Phil finished in 9hrs 28mins and will be shooting for the sub 9hr belt buckle in 2014.

The Bush Center Warrior 100K Ride

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W100- Wounded Warriors Bush

What an honor to watch those who have sacrificed serving our country pedal their way with former president Bush in the Bush Center Warrior 100K Ride.  Take time to work through the list of riders and read their bios.  Thank you for serving our country!

– Major James C. Anderson, Jr., USA, from San Antonio, TX
– Sergeant First Class Manuel A. Colón, USA from Orlando, FL
– Sergeant First Class Thomas W. Costello, USA, from Shelby, NC
– Staff Sergeant Matthew P. DeWitt, USA, Ret. from Weare, NH
– First Sergeant Robert A. Ferrara, USA, Ret. from San Antonio, TX
– Major John Dana Greer, USA, Ret., from Savannah, GA
– Lieutenant Colonel David Johnson, USA
– Staff Sergeant Joshua M. Krueger, USMC, Ret. from Hubertus, WI
– Staff Sergeant Michael D. Morabito, USA, Ret., from Converse, TX
– Staff Sergeant Jeffrey R. Palenske, USA from Chicago, IL
– Master Sergeant Roque Rodriguez-Urena, USAF Ret., from Charleston, SC
– Staff Sergeant Omar R. Romney, USA, Ret., from Clarksville, TN
– Specialist José E. Santiago, USA from Centennial, CO
– Major Kent G. Solheim, USA from Raeford, NC;

Read full article here.

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Sonya Looney rides the Yak Attack Once Again

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Congrats to Sonya Looney for being the first female ever to finish the grueling Yak Attack in 2012, a 10-day stage race on Mt Everest (the highest mountain bike race in the world!), and doing it again this year!!!

By finishing the race I became the first woman to complete the full route on a mountain bike. But it wasn’t easy. There were challenges and setbacks. At first, I felt out of my element, bewildered like a deer caught in headlights, and struggled up many of the three-hour-long hike-a-bike sections, including one over Thorong La Pass, which reaches 17, 769 feet high. There were mechanicals, too. After one crippling malfunction, I had to walk 10 miles to the finish down a path that would have been a ripping 9,000-vertical-foot descent had I been able to ride. And the elevation slowly starts to kill you—there’s a reason few people live at these heights.

Read the entire post here.

I am eagerly keeping an ear out to hear how things are going for this year’s race!

(HT: The Far Ride)

Why Do You Ride A Bike?

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“Cycling sets my mind free.” – Dominic Akena from Uganda

2012 Sports Kids- Conner/Cayden Long

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Whether you bike or not, you will be stirred deep down when you hear Conner and Cayden Long’s story.  This just proves that biking does not always have to focus on YOU!  Commit to serve others when you bike.  Read full story at Sport Illustrated Kids.com.