The Bicyle Fix-Myrtle Beach Reports on Andre Pope’s Recent Biking Adventures

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The Bicycle Fix-Myrtle Beach is posting updates on a Andre Pope, friend of mine, who just finished biking in DC and the Great Allegheny Passage aka the Gap Trail.

This past week I took an adventure by bicycle, I rode the Great Allegheny Passage. Known to some as the GAP trail, the Great Allegheny Passage stretches from Cumberland, MD to Pittsburgh, PA along a rails to trails path. Mostly crushed limestone rock, this smooth trail winds its way through beautiful wooded areas, small towns and scenic overlooks, giving you a traffic and motorized vehicle-free 150+ mile bike ride…


Read about Andre’s entire biking adventures at The Bicycle Fix-Myrtle Beach News page.


Sirbikesalot.com Knows How to Shoot MTB Action Shots

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If you like this action picture below from www.sirbikesalot.com, then you really need to set aside several hours…I mean days… and scan through his massive collection of mountain biking photos.  I do not know of many who can capture the moment quite like Sir Bikes.


picture taken from recent post found here, http://sirbikesalot.com/entry.php?fid=464