Texas Mountain Bike Trails

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Boy, do I wish that I had had a quality website to view like Texas Mountain Bike Trails when I started mountain bike riding in 2009!  Texas Mountain Bike Trails founder, Shawn McAfee, provides a website that seems to be growing every day with fresh bike related content.  Although I have only been riding for 4 years, TMBT has something for the beginner rider, as well as, the veteran mountain biker.

I was so impressed with Shawn’s passion for serving the mountain bike community, I actually called him on the phone just to hear his heart and love for the biking community.  Much to my surprise, I learned that Shawn quit his day job a few months ago and launched his own company called Hub N’ Spoke Media.  Hub N’ Spoke Media manages client’s email marketing, social media marketing, website building, video promotion and much more.  In tandem, Shawn does all this while continuing to build up Texas Mountain Bike Trails.

Texas Mountain Bike Trails is a real gem in the sea of biking websites.  I highly encourage you to saving TMBT to your bookmarks, blogroll, and the like.

Oh yeah, Good luck Shawn with your new business venture!


Instructor Certification Program with International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA)

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More dIMG_3966etail are coming out concerning IMBA’s February 2013 news release of their new Instructor Certification Program (ICP).  In January 2013, IMBA purchased the rights to the International Mountain Bike Instructor Certification from Professional Downhiller, Shaums March.

IMBA plans to manage an ICP that offers three levels of certification:

  1. Ride Guide
  2. Basic Skills Instructor
  3. Advanced Skills Instructor

This is exciting news for the biking community, as well as, biking clubs because it can be a platform to advertise a club and recruit new members through high quality mountain bike training.

Here are some other benefits for local mountain biking clubs:

  • Assure the public and your clients that you have a minimum level of core competency that was taught to you by certified professionals
  • Open up the opportunity for ongoing professional development
  • Advance your own abilities with regard to both riding and teaching
  • Learn from experts and professional riders
  • Be able to bring the training back to your chapter or club and provide more benefit to your members

The ICP schedule is starting to build so keep up with their ICP schedule page to discover a training near you!

For more information, check out http://www.imba.com/icp.

Loving The Bike Bicycling Tips

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I have really gotten turned on to keeping up with LovingTheBike.com.  It is a great site that puts up very practical and timely biking info.  To get a sample, check out their 5 cycling tip videos they just finished out the week with!

Wilmington YMCA Installs TRX Training Equipment

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I was excited that my local YMCA has announced it is upfitting a space for the installment of TRX training equipment.  Looks like TRX can be integrated into your mountain biking workouts!

Should a Mountainbiker Also Road Ride?

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There are a few exceptions, but most of the fastest mountain bikers integrate road biking into their training schedule.  I have never ridden a road bike before and it seems as if every time I start entertaining thoughts on testing out a road bike, I hear about some local or national roadie getting hit by irresponsible automobile drivers.  Even with these tragedies, I cannot get over the notion that 80% of competitive mountain bikers road bike throughout their weekly training.

With this being the case, I was really fascinated with this recent article by BikeJames.com on the differences between mountain bike and road riding.  It is nice to see someone go against the grain and provide a fresh perspective that helps me feel confident to keep pedaling on the dirt…for now.

In fact, when you look at them from a metabolic and movement demands standpoint road riding and mountain biking have very little in common. I was reminded of an article I wrote for http://www.strengthcoach.com in which I outlined the 3 main physical differences between road riding and mountain biking and why these difference mean we need a very different approach to training for trail riding.

Read about the 3 main differences here.