Cape Fear SORBA Kicks Off New Browns Creek Bike Trail with Wounded Warrior Event

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I could not be more proud to be part of a local mountain bike club that is promoting their NEW Browns Creek Trails-Elizabethtown, NC with its first EVER event being the Wounded Warrior 8K Trail Run this Saturday, April 5th. What an honor to have our club’s hard work showcased at such a special event. Download 8K Registration Form or 8K Rotary Sponsorship Form here.

8K Rotary Flyer1



October is for Endurance Racing!

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IMG_3780From the looks of recent mountain bike cyber chatter, October is going to be an awesome month of endurance racing options!  If you are looking for a reason to get out in the heat and start your training now, you should have no lack of motivation when you see all the great races available in just 3 months.  Here are just a few that I have on my radar that I would like to share:

I am sure there are many more, but this will at least get your endurance juices flowing!!!!!

Turn F.A.T.S On My 40th Birthday

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I just found out that my wife has arranged for several biking buds to kidnap me this coming Saturday for a surprise road trip to F.A.T.S.!  I am super excited and have never ridden these legendary trails.  I am praying that the weather holds out and that F.A.T.S. will remain open.

This just proves that real men marry women who let their husbands bike!

Visit SORBA-Central Savannah River Association to learn more about the Fork Area Trail System.


Instructor Certification Program with International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA)

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More dIMG_3966etail are coming out concerning IMBA’s February 2013 news release of their new Instructor Certification Program (ICP).  In January 2013, IMBA purchased the rights to the International Mountain Bike Instructor Certification from Professional Downhiller, Shaums March.

IMBA plans to manage an ICP that offers three levels of certification:

  1. Ride Guide
  2. Basic Skills Instructor
  3. Advanced Skills Instructor

This is exciting news for the biking community, as well as, biking clubs because it can be a platform to advertise a club and recruit new members through high quality mountain bike training.

Here are some other benefits for local mountain biking clubs:

  • Assure the public and your clients that you have a minimum level of core competency that was taught to you by certified professionals
  • Open up the opportunity for ongoing professional development
  • Advance your own abilities with regard to both riding and teaching
  • Learn from experts and professional riders
  • Be able to bring the training back to your chapter or club and provide more benefit to your members

The ICP schedule is starting to build so keep up with their ICP schedule page to discover a training near you!

For more information, check out http://www.imba.com/icp.

Upgrade Your IMBA Membership

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Since 2009, it has been my joy to be an official member of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) through my local mountain biking club- Cape Fear SORBA.  Of course, I love the free socks, IMBA stickers, and other rewards, but it is very rewarding to realize that you are part of a bigger bike movement that currently stands more than 35,000 strong around the world.  This doesn’t include the thousands of supporting businesses and organizations that share my passion in riding.

IMBAfamilymembershipThis year, I decided to step it up and upgrade my INDIVIDUAL membership to a FAMILY membership.   Although I am the most passionate biker in the family, it makes a statement that we all enjoy God’s creation through biking and outdoor recreation.  My goal one day is to upgrade this membership to an active National Mountain Bike Patrol by training to be a Cape Fear MTB Patrol.  Bike Patrol is much more of a financial commitment but I believe it is a great way to promote responsible mountain biking through IMBA’s philosophy of environmentally sound and socially responsible riding, embodied in the universally recognized IMBA Rules of the Trail.

If you are not an official IMBA members, I encourage you to read this article, “25 Things IMBA Did for You in 2012” and join IMBA/SORBA through your local affiliated bike club.  If there is no local IMBA/SORBA in your area, then, I invite you to select Cape Fear SORBA as a portion of your yearly membership is funneled to our club.