Singletracks.com Next Bike Buy Quiz

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So, you are wondering which bike is next for your personal fleet!  Singletracks.com has the answer for you, but you must take a short online quiz to see the results.  Not only will be one step closer to a great bike purchase, you might get humbled like myself and realize that you ride too soft for a guy!  Trail Mayor results below!  By the way, I did test ride a Jamis Nemesis 27.5 a few weeks ago and I really liked it!

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 10.21.35 AM


Race-Tracking Your Favorite Mountainbike Racers

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No doubt technology has come a long way in regards to GPS tracking while you ride the trails.  But, now it seems like some of your favorite races are improving their real-time race-tracking so that you can sit at the convenience of your own home and live track from home.

Most recently, I enjoyed race-tracking the Ben Welnak, found of Mountain Bike Radio race the Vapor Trail 125.  Of course, due to the time difference, I didn’t watch the entire race, but was able to check in at my convenience through the later portion of the race.

My hope is that this technology will continue to come down in price and will be a staple for many races.

It seems like Strava Premium already has a function where you can post live results while riding so maybe this is not too far around the berm.vaportrail125 (640x535)

Texas Mountain Bike Trails

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Boy, do I wish that I had had a quality website to view like Texas Mountain Bike Trails when I started mountain bike riding in 2009!  Texas Mountain Bike Trails founder, Shawn McAfee, provides a website that seems to be growing every day with fresh bike related content.  Although I have only been riding for 4 years, TMBT has something for the beginner rider, as well as, the veteran mountain biker.

I was so impressed with Shawn’s passion for serving the mountain bike community, I actually called him on the phone just to hear his heart and love for the biking community.  Much to my surprise, I learned that Shawn quit his day job a few months ago and launched his own company called Hub N’ Spoke Media.  Hub N’ Spoke Media manages client’s email marketing, social media marketing, website building, video promotion and much more.  In tandem, Shawn does all this while continuing to build up Texas Mountain Bike Trails.

Texas Mountain Bike Trails is a real gem in the sea of biking websites.  I highly encourage you to saving TMBT to your bookmarks, blogroll, and the like.

Oh yeah, Good luck Shawn with your new business venture!

Southeastern Cycling Has New Website

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I have been very excited about my recent web discovery of Southeastern Cycling‘s new website.  Certainly, Trish Albert, founder of Southeastern Cycling, has poured a lifetime of cycling into her work to provide us a with a resource that is simply breathtaking.  If you do not add Southeastern Cycling to your blogroll, you have got to be nuts!

southeasterncycling (2)

Visit site here.

Bike Rumor Has New Monthly Ezine Digest

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bikerumorNo doubt that Bike Rumor pushes a wealth of new biking product knowledge.  Of course, it is easy to miss a press release from Bike Rumor after doing a couple serious rides in one week, therefore, they are providing a free monthly downloadable Ezine recap.  This should be a useful resource for bike tech geeks and all these geeks can download the first release by visiting this post…especially if you want to learn more about the 650B surge now happening in the bike world.

Volvo Becomes More Cyclist-Sensitive

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Engadget released a great update on how Volvo has revamped its auto-brake system to detect bicyclist.

Cars that automatically stop when a pedestrian is in the way have been in Volvo’s fleet for a while now, but the automaker has just unveiled an update to its existing tech that’ll stomp on the brakes when cyclists are too close for comfort. Announced at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, the revamped system detects how close objects are with a grille-mounted radar and then uses a high-def camera within an auto’s rear-view mirror to discern whether it’s barreling down on a pedestrian or a biker.

Read full article here.

(HT: Tony McGee from Moore’s Springs Trails which is adjacent to Hanging Rock State Park, near the town of Danbury, North Carolina.)

Which Biking App Should I Use?

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photo(5) If you are not opposed to exercising with your phone, I highly suggest you use a biking app when riding.  In the myriad of biking apps (657 when I use my iPhone app search), it can be very challenging to decide which one (or ones) to actually use.  Allow me to make suggestions on a biking app and even a few hints you might help.

Which App?

Two years ago, when I first purchased my iPhone, there were only a handful of biking exercise apps.  Today, you can spend hours upon hours sifting through a large storehouse of options in your app store.

First, when considering a biking app, you will need to decide if you are using your phone as a full-time dashboard during your biking exercise or if you just want to just hit a button, tuck away your phone, and crank.  Depending on the intensity and purpose of monitoring your ride will determine how complex of an app you will need to consider.photo(6)

Second, you need to realize that not all biking apps will pair with your data capturing sensors such as heart rate and cadence/speed.  If this data is important for your exercise mapping, make sure to choose an app that pairs AND displays this data while exercising.

Third, decide whether you want to JUST use your phone display for exercise reports or whether you want to eventually view your workout data on a larger screened computer.  There are several excellent apps which work well for phone display but do not have a web-based interface to view on your home computer.

photo(7)App Hints

Many people do not know but you can run MORE THAN ONE biking app while riding!  This means load up several as your exploring your bike app options.  BUT BEWARE, you can only pair one app to your sensors and it seems as if some apps will actually pull rank on sensor connection.

I have found that if I force shut down all my exercise apps before pairing my devices it allows me to get a more precise connection to the app I want to use for that exercise situation.

Advanced Hintsphoto(9)

If you are really into analyzing your data, you might want to opt for a biking app that allows you to download/upload a GPX file of your workout.  This is the raw data that your app collects and can be transferred to another application for examining.

In addition, many biking apps will email your results and even post your ride details on Facebook, Twitter, or their own social media platforms.

What Biking App Do I Use?


My top biking apps are Endomondo, Wahoo Fitness, Cyclemeter, Strava, and Charity Miles.

Personally, I use Wahoo Fitness while I bike and then I upload the data to Strava and Cyclemeter after finishing the ride.

Whichever biking app you utilize be assured to periodically check for app updates as most developers are always seeking to distinguish themselves in the plethora of apps with new and exciting layouts and features.