Fatbiking in Wilmington, North Carolina

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Yep, fatbiking in Wilmington, NC is alive and well!


Still Slow On The Blog Posting

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Just an update to say that my posts here are still at a slower pace than I have hoped.  The new job search is taking lots of my time so most of my posting activity is on Facebook and Instagram.

Hopefully, life will get back to normal one day soon, and I will do better at providing consistent MTB related posts.

Don’t give up on me and keep checking the page from time to time!

Oh yeah, check out the bike I got to ride last Sunday!  It’s one of the few Specialized Fatboys on the NC East Coast!

I was in Fat Bike Heaven!


Run For Ray 2014 at Brunswick Nature Park

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If you were like me in the 80′s, skateboarding consumed your life just as mountain biking seems to be doing in the present.  Eagerly awaiting your Thrasher magazine in the mailbox, there were many times you would see Ray Underhill from Powell-Peralta blasted across the pages doing nasty tricks you could land ONLY in your dreams.

Last year I wrote a more detailed shout out to the 2013 race you can read here, but here is the flyer for this year’s coming race on February 22nd, 2014. Check out the race site here!


Coastal Carolina Off Road Series 2014 Race Poster

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Visit the official Coastal Carolina Off Road Series website, www.CCORS.com

Local para-cyclist among this weekends competitors

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A very inspirational story!

Sykose Extreme Sports News

Lance Footer is legally blind, which makes everything on the highway a hazard.

“I’ve hit every pothole and dead animal from here to North Carolina,” said Footer, who despite his disability is on the road to elite status as a competitive cyclist.

Considering his penchant for plowing through roadkill, it’s probably a good thing he’s lost his sense of smell, too.

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Do You Love Biking With Your Wife?

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What Is Love? from cvcnow on Vimeo.