Vision Cycling Launches New Website (Nathan Guerra)

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I have been enthralled with Vision Cycling ever since last year’s introduced to pro MTB racer, Nathan Guerra, on Mountain Bike Radio.  Geurra’s passion and desire to invest into the lives of the next generation of bikers is very evident.

Vision Cycling hopes to, “make cycling a functional household sport, so people and their environment may benefit from the well-being cycling provides. Starting with local communities, Vision will develop the model movement to instill cycling as an integral cultural value. This mission becomes reality by directly providing the structures which uphold Traditional Sports in a society.”

Nathan Guerra and his Vision Cycling team hope to accomplish this vision by:

  1. Youth Development
  2. New Cycling Infrastructure
  3. Public Health & Wellness
  4. Energy & Environmental Sustainability

I hope you will take time to connect with one of my favorite pro riders, Nathan Guerra, and Vision Cycling through Facebook, Twitter, and their website.


New Mountain Bike Trails Approved in Pender County-Rocky Point

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Pender CountyI am very excited to announce that the Pender County Board of Commissioners and School Board approved the user agreement with Cape Fear SORBA, to build and maintain a new mountain bike trail system in Rocky Point, NC.  More details are in a previous post.

I have only recently become deeply involved in my local SORBA club, but I am learning that creating these type of partnerships are very tedious and trying at times.  In my personal opinion, it is a big win for the entire community when these type of agreements are forged with new land managers and overseers.

Since these trails will be adjacent to Heidi-Trask High School, bike parking will actually be located in a rear overflow parking lot for the school.  For some reason, I keep having these thoughts of how amazing it would be if we could gather enough interest in Heidi Trask High School students to actually formalize a mountain bike club or team.

These thoughts come on the heels of a news report at Bicycling.com that shares new research on middle-school kids and the link between riding and brainpower—and argues for adding more exercise into the lesson plans,

Charles Hillman’s research has shown that a single session of exercise (20 minutes on a treadmill at 60 percent of maximum heart rate) can “charge” the brain’s neuro-electrical workings and lead to higher levels of cognitive functioning.

Nonetheless, I hope for a a day when the trails are overrun by young riders and us senior trail rats are having to pull over to give the right away to those sharing the cranking passion to the next generation.