Introducing the North Carolina Interscholastic Cycling League (NCICL)

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How exciting that North Carolina will be the 19th league in 18 states to have an official National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA)!  The NC Middle/High School race season starts in March 2017, but practice season start December 2016.  Learn more by visiting their website, Facebook, and Instagram sites.  Also, keep up with the latest NCICL news by signing up for their eNewsletters.


Fatbiking in Wilmington, North Carolina

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Yep, fatbiking in Wilmington, NC is alive and well!

Cape Fear SORBA Kicks Off New Browns Creek Bike Trail with Wounded Warrior Event

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I could not be more proud to be part of a local mountain bike club that is promoting their NEW Browns Creek Trails-Elizabethtown, NC with its first EVER event being the Wounded Warrior 8K Trail Run this Saturday, April 5th. What an honor to have our club’s hard work showcased at such a special event. Download 8K Registration Form or 8K Rotary Sponsorship Form here.

8K Rotary Flyer1


Still Slow On The Blog Posting

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Just an update to say that my posts here are still at a slower pace than I have hoped.  The new job search is taking lots of my time so most of my posting activity is on Facebook and Instagram.

Hopefully, life will get back to normal one day soon, and I will do better at providing consistent MTB related posts.

Don’t give up on me and keep checking the page from time to time!

Oh yeah, check out the bike I got to ride last Sunday!  It’s one of the few Specialized Fatboys on the NC East Coast!

I was in Fat Bike Heaven!


Run For Ray 2014 at Brunswick Nature Park

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If you were like me in the 80′s, skateboarding consumed your life just as mountain biking seems to be doing in the present.  Eagerly awaiting your Thrasher magazine in the mailbox, there were many times you would see Ray Underhill from Powell-Peralta blasted across the pages doing nasty tricks you could land ONLY in your dreams.

Last year I wrote a more detailed shout out to the 2013 race you can read here, but here is the flyer for this year’s coming race on February 22nd, 2014. Check out the race site here!


Vision Cycling Launches New Website (Nathan Guerra)

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Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 11.31.56 AM

I have been enthralled with Vision Cycling ever since last year’s introduced to pro MTB racer, Nathan Guerra, on Mountain Bike Radio.  Geurra’s passion and desire to invest into the lives of the next generation of bikers is very evident.

Vision Cycling hopes to, “make cycling a functional household sport, so people and their environment may benefit from the well-being cycling provides. Starting with local communities, Vision will develop the model movement to instill cycling as an integral cultural value. This mission becomes reality by directly providing the structures which uphold Traditional Sports in a society.”

Nathan Guerra and his Vision Cycling team hope to accomplish this vision by:

  1. Youth Development
  2. New Cycling Infrastructure
  3. Public Health & Wellness
  4. Energy & Environmental Sustainability

I hope you will take time to connect with one of my favorite pro riders, Nathan Guerra, and Vision Cycling through Facebook, Twitter, and their website.

Singletracks.com Next Bike Buy Quiz

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So, you are wondering which bike is next for your personal fleet!  Singletracks.com has the answer for you, but you must take a short online quiz to see the results.  Not only will be one step closer to a great bike purchase, you might get humbled like myself and realize that you ride too soft for a guy!  Trail Mayor results below!  By the way, I did test ride a Jamis Nemesis 27.5 a few weeks ago and I really liked it!

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 10.21.35 AM

Hire Me for You Social Media Management Needs

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As you may have picked up by now, I have transitioned out of my recent job and I am starting up my own social media marketing and management company called SOCIAL CENTERED MEDIA.

Currently, I volunteer manage several over a dozen Facebook, Google+, and Web pages (you can see my portfolio here), but it is time to start landing some paying customers.

If you have social media needs for your company, business, brand, or organization, I would love to talk to you about how I can serve you.

I can help you with basic over the phone social media support or even create and manage your social media accounts.  In addition, if you need a webpage created, I can also assist you with this through the WordPress platform.

Please help spread the word!

Gear Driven Cyclist- New Bike Blogger

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Heads up that a good friend of mine has kicked off his new biking blog, Gear Driven Cyclist.  David and I formed a great relationship (off the bike) while he attended UNCW.  I had the privilege of providing leadership coaching for him in his ministry adventures.

A few years ago, David relocated to the Wake Forest, NC area, got hitched, and landed the head mechanic role at the new bike shop, Spoke Cycles, in Wake Forest.

He has already kicked off with a few posts and I am looking forward to keeping up with Gear Driven Cyclist.  Take time to add David Townsend to your blogroll/reader.

Gear Driven Cyclist Spoke Cycles Wake Forest

Coastal Carolina Off Road Series 2014 Race Poster

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Visit the official Coastal Carolina Off Road Series website, www.CCORS.com

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